quarta-feira, 16 de março de 2016


On Saturday, there was a meeting with the association of residents of Farol and Hangares of Culatra. From this meeting we ignore which are the new ways of tackling that will be implemented.
On the one hand we already know that Polis Society prepares to send letters announcing the date for a legal take possession of the houses. It’s also known that the same society required spaces near the Olhão fishing Port and in Faro for support structures of the destruction machine. On the other hand it’s known that the licensed area from the sunset part of Farol’s island will be abandoned by the Administration of the Port of Sines, the entity that had license of the space until now.
Let’s start from the end, the left of the licensed area by the Administration of the Port of Sines, the called legal area. If this is confirmed, this licensed area will pass directly to the tutelage of the Administration of the Hydrographical Region of Algarve (ARH) that can keep or not the maintenance of parcels leased to residents. Any way, the conditions to fix a deadline for the residents to deliver the unused spaces are created, including the payment of the residues withdrawal. This means that also the houses in the called legal zone are at risk!
The administrative possession doesn’t mean, for now, that the houses will be immediately demolished, but it means that the residents can be forced to abandon them, being the same effect as demolitions. Thereby, the residents have two alternatives: the court’s appeal with new protective measures invoking equal treatment, and the refusal in receiving and even less signing the take of possession from the Polis Society. Of course that when the moment comes, the Polis Society will fix the notifications in the doors of the resident’s house accompanied with the Maritime Police.
Since the beginning of this political masterminding that we have defended the equality of treatment, not only because it is in the Code for Administrative Procedure, but also because of the 13th article of the Portuguese Constitution that says:
1- All citizens have the same social dignity and are equals in front of the law
2- Nobody can be privileged, benefited, prejudiced, deprived of any right or exempt of any duty on account of ascendance, sex, race, language, territory of origin, religion, political or ideological convictions, instruction, economic situation, social condition or sexual orientation. See in:

In its 21st article, the Portuguese Constitution also provides the right to resist in the following terms:
Everybody have the right to resist to any order that offends their rights, liberties and guarantees and the right to repel through force any aggression, when it is not possible to appeal to a public authority.
It is evident that in this case, the public authority is in the other side of the trap, to cover the political mafia. Nobody can doubt that we live in a State where the behaviour and actions of the politicians from the power are mafia-style, since the politicians use the state as it was theirs when they say that the public policies should be done for people and with people, but they do exactly the opposite.
And it was like this that the government stated as socialist promised during the electoral campaign and now defends the opposite.
The majority of the houses were constructed in a moment where the Public Maritime Domain authority was divided between the Port Entities (Entidades Portuárias) and the Port Authorities (Capitanias de Porto), depending on the locals.
The authority of the islands was the Port Authority (Capitania de Porto) that issued the licenses for the transport of the construction materials and this entity knew the destiny of these materials, and the Port Authority cannot say that the entity didn’t know the destiny.
So, the residents of the associations have all the reason to show their indignation and revolt and offer resistance to the terrorism of the State that is in course.

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Good post,Congratulations Olhão Free

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